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How to Learn Chinese Characters with Remembering Simplified Hanzi 2

How to Learn Chinese Characters with Remembering Simplified Hanzi 2

If you are learning Chinese, you probably know how challenging it is to memorize the thousands of characters that make up the language. You may have tried various methods, such as flashcards, mnemonics, or rote repetition, but none of them seem to work very well.

Fortunately, there is a better way to learn Chinese characters: Remembering Simplified Hanzi 2. This book is the second of two volumes that teach you how to learn the meaning and writing of the 3,000 most frequently used simplified Chinese characters. The book uses a unique method that combines stories, images, and logic to help you remember the characters in a natural and effective way.

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Remembering Simplified Hanzi 2 is based on the idea that you can learn Chinese characters by breaking them down into smaller components, called primitives. Each primitive has a meaning and a mnemonic story that helps you associate it with the character. By combining these primitives in different ways, you can create new characters and stories that make sense and are easy to recall.

For example, the character ç (fire) is composed of four dots arranged like a fire. The character ç (flame) is composed of two fires stacked on top of each other. The character ç (so) is composed of a fire on the left and a mouth on the right. The story for this character is: "The fire was so hot that it made your mouth dry."

By using this method, you can learn Chinese characters faster and more efficiently than by using traditional methods. You can also avoid forgetting the characters by reviewing them regularly with the help of the book's index and flashcards. The book also provides useful information on how to write the characters correctly, how to pronounce them, and how to use them in sentences.

Remembering Simplified Hanzi 2 is suitable for beginners and intermediate learners who want to improve their Chinese reading and writing skills. You can use it as a standalone resource or as a supplement to your existing textbooks or courses. You can also study it either after or simultaneously with the first volume, which covers another 1,500 characters.

If you want to download a PDF version of Remembering Simplified Hanzi 2, you can find it online at various websites. However, we recommend that you buy the paperback edition from Amazon or other reputable sellers, as it will provide you with better quality and durability. You can also support the authors, James W. Heisig and Timothy W. Richardson, who have spent years developing this innovative and effective system for learning Chinese characters.

So what are you waiting for? Start learning Chinese characters with Remembering Simplified Hanzi 2 today and see how much easier and fun it can be!

Remembering Simplified Hanzi 2 has received many positive reviews from students and teachers of Chinese. They have praised the book for its clear explanations, engaging stories, and logical structure. They have also reported that the book has helped them improve their retention and recall of Chinese characters, as well as their reading and writing skills.

Some of the reviews are:

  • "This book is a must-have for anyone serious about learning Chinese. It makes learning characters fun and easy. I have learned more characters in a few months with this book than in years with other methods." - Amazon customer

  • "This is the best book I have ever used for learning Chinese characters. It is very well organized and explains the meaning and origin of each character in a simple and memorable way. It also provides useful tips on how to write and pronounce the characters correctly. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Chinese." - Goodreads user

  • "I have been teaching Chinese for over 10 years and I have never seen a better system for learning characters than this one. It is based on solid research and proven techniques. It is also very enjoyable and motivating for the students. They love the stories and the images that help them remember the characters. This book is a game-changer for Chinese language education." - Amazon customer

If you want to see more reviews, you can visit Amazon or Goodreads websites and search for Remembering Simplified Hanzi 2. 29c81ba772


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