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Son Of The Mask Hd Full Movie Free Download

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son of the mask hd full movie free download

Parents need to know that Son of the Mask is a 2005 movie in which Jamie Kennedy plays an animator who finds a mask with chaotic powers. There's a lot of comic violence, including hits to the crotch that are supposed to be funny. There's also some mild sexual material, including discussion of wanting (or not wanting) to have a baby, and the central plot point is based on Tonya getting pregnant while Tim is wearing the mask. Tonya jokes that she's going to make a baby with the neighbor. There's some vulgar humor, including potty jokes. After The Mask has sex with Tonya, green animated cartoon sperm are shown swimming to Tonya's egg. In a parody of Warner Brothers cartoons, the baby is shot out of a cannon lit by dynamite. In a parody of The Exorcist, the baby spins 360 degrees before spewing a torrent of green vomit.

In this sequel, would-be animator Tim (Jamie Kennedy) lives with his wife Tonya (Traylor Howard) in a cartoony-looking little house. She wants a baby, but he's not ready. On his way to the office Halloween party, Tim finds the magic mask from the first film and decides to wear it, unaware it will unleash his hidden desires and remove all his inhibitions. Tim impresses the partygoers with his wild behavior -- everyone thinks he's testing out a new cartoon character. Back home, he's now willing to help his wife conceive. Nine months later, the baby is born with some of the mask's powers because Tim had the mask on when the baby was conceived. This comes to the attention of Loki (Alan Cummings), the Norse god of mischief and the mask's original owner. His father, Odin, orders him to get it back, so Loki begins checking out every baby born on Tim's baby's birthday. Tim is also hunting for the mask. He's unaware of his baby's unusual abilities; he needs the mask back to finish creating a new cartoon character. Tonya leaves town on a business trip, and Tim's on full-time daddy duty, just as the baby's transformational powers really start to take over and Loki finds what he was looking for. The movie then gets turned over to the special effects department for some cartoonish fun.

The Mask holds an approval rating of 77% on the Rotten Tomatoes website and received 3 out of 4 stars by the critics of the Chicago Sun-Times. Son of the Mask is the sequel to this movie and it was released in 2005. The story revolves around a bank clerk, Stanley Ipkiss, who is a pushover. This guy finds a strange mask and whenever he puts it on turns into a wild man, The mask and he can do the things that Stanley is afraid to do.

Jim Carrey is resistant to sequels. We've known this for years. Back when Son of the Mask first came out, Jim had only done one sequel (Ace Ventura) that soured his entire outlook on sequels. Not that he was asked to take part in this in the first place, anyway.What's really interesting about this movie is the fact that The Mask is a totally different character depending on who wears it... and yet everyone who wears the mask in this movie (including the dog) are just absolutely wrong in their portrayals. The comedy is flat, the acting is laughable, the attempt to redo a Cuban Pete-style musical number was cringe-inducing at the absolute best, and the movie drones on and on and on. In terms of sequels, this is among the worst.

Eleven years ago, Stanley Ipkiss released his true inner self and became the hero of Edge City by finding and wearing the Norse god of mischief, Loki's mask. The Mask helped bring Jim Carrey to the forefront of comedy and reached a very popular status for its originality and just pure fun. Everyone knew how to spell party. P-A-R-T-Y. Why? Cuz I gotta! Now, eleven years later, it seems to me that the same philosophy has been applied to the new movie "Son of the Mask." Someone asked director Lawrence Guterman why are you making this? And he responds "Cuz I gotta!" Unfortunately, that answer doesn't cover it because after seeing Son of the Mask I still left the theatre thinking, "Good Lord, Why?" Guterman and the rest of the people involved in the blasphemous film need to realize that the response given to why are you making this film should not be as simple as the answer to the debate on whether or not to party.The Son of the Mask begins with Otis the dog finding the infamous mask and bringing it back to his owner Tim Avery, a clear homage to legendary Loony Toons creator Tex Avery. Tim, played by Jamie Kennedy, is a struggling animator who is stuck working as a turtle tour guide for the animation company he aspires to one-day draw for. On the night of the company Halloween party, Tim puts on the mask and transforms into the mischievous, insane character that we all expect. After the party Tim goes home, mask still on and conceives a child with his wife. Nine months later mayhem ensues as the baby born of the mask has remarkable cartoonish powers. Otis the dog, jealous of the baby's attention, puts on the mask and partakes in Tom and Jerry type mayhem to out the baby. Meanwhile, Loki, played by Alan Cumming, is in search for his mask at the orders of his father, Odin.First off, ill admit that I do respect the fact that this film pays so much homage to the classic cartoons such as Tom and Jerry and Loony Toons, with its Wile E. Coyote type contraptions and the infamous dancing frog type plot. However, this reverence cannot save the film and makes it less respectful and more of a waste of time.The premise of the movie becomes increasingly silly. Silly is not always a bad thing, but in this movie, the silliness gets to the point of just plain annoying. The characters are not fun to watch, and what's worse, they're not funny. The dullness of the characters can also be attributed to the fact that so much CGI was used. One of the greatest things about the original is that while, obviously computer animation was used, so much relied on Jim Carrey and his exuberant style of just being. Jim Carrey, we were convinced, was an actual cartoon. Jamie Kennedy just doesn't have that kind of ability, a fact that is clear when you watch him wear the mask and his facial features rarely shift. The baby and dog were mostly completely animated which became increasingly distracting throughout the movie. The side story of Loki searching for the mask just became more and more stupefying.The son of the Mask is a sad sad state of affairs. What I suggest is you go rent or buy the original the Mask and thank the Norse gods, or whoever, for bringing it to us. And will consider seeing the sequel my sacrifice as I continue to ask the infamous question "WHY?" The son of the Mask gets one star, although that star should be divvied up between the classic creators of Loony Toons and Jim Carrey, who will always be, in my book, the mask.

Son of the Mask is one of those sequels that simply shouldn't have happened and now after watching I can claim it's a contender for the worst one of the bunch.But no wait there is more, this isn't just bad it's THAT bad.It currently sits as the 10th worst movie ever made on IMDB which is an impressive feat. Ontop of that it's the winner of such prestigious awards as Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Actor, Most Intrusive Musical Score, Foulest Family Film, Most Painfully Unfunny Comedy and Least "Special" Special Effects. Starring Jamie Kennedy, Traylor Howard, Alan Cumming and a small role for Kal Penn it tells another story of the infamous Mask and it is beyond belief.Full of dire cgi, painfully unfunny "comedy", purile writing and legitimately no redeeming features I can't believe that such a brilliant classic comedy like The Mask (1994) could be insulted to this degree with a sequel.It's just SO cringe inducing! The jokes are too immature even for Saturday morning cartoons. The cartoon violence doesn't translate very well at all and some of it seems distasteful especially for a family film. And for 84 million dollars it looks like warmed up dog poop.Seriously, everything people say about this film is true. I'm not one to jump aboard bandwagons and hate things because its "Trendy" to, nor do I give 1/10's out often but this is awful!The Good:Traylor Howard The Bad:Poor cgiBeyond dumbThings I Learnt From This Movie:In movies reducing women down to their bras is funny and comedic, I do it and I get arrested!?How could a plot including repeated attempts on a babies life not be considered funny? Shocking!Children being stolen by norse gods isn't even remotely shocking to some parentsOdin is a WWE champion

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