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Wii Games For Usb Loader Gx |BEST|

I have a Wii on version 4.3U. One of my games used to work, but now all of them just crash to the Homebrew Channel. I already know there is another post about this, but I didn't perform a system update after I installed the cIOSes since my Wii was already on 4.3U.

Wii Games For Usb Loader Gx

I tried reinstalling the cIOSes, but that didn't work. I tried resetting all of my settings (because I changed them before the games didn't work), but that didn't work either. I tried taking my USB out of the Wii and plugging it back in (making sure that the USB was on the bottom port), and it still didn't work. I verified that my Wii games were in the correct file structure. Also, the .WBFS files ran perfectly okay on the Dolphin emulator.

Note: A soft-modded Wii with USB Loader GX is required to accomplish this. It is a safe idea to backup and save your purchased Wii games in case the disk breaks or the Wii is unable to read the discs.

Simply repeat these steps for all the games you wish to backup. Again, it's always a good idea to do this. I've had 2 disks stopped working, but I was still able to play the games through this method.

Can't play games reliably, but there may be hope (read below; the part about WiiMC).Tried USB Loader GX, which hangs often, sometimes kind of works if you're very lucky.Tried WiiFlow, which hangs at initialization.Tried different cIOSes (v8-final, v10-beta52, v10-beta53-alt), but that didn't help.Tried cIOS with base 58 (rather than 56 and 57) but that didn't help.I tried a WBFS partition, but also an NTFS partition.To be sure, I tried other USB flash drives by formatting them and setting them up in exactly the same way, but those drives did work but the Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 64GB did not.But there's hope: The drive does work with the WiiMC (media center) homebrew app (it played mp3 files just fine), so maybe it is possible to write a patch for cIOS to make this drive work with USB Loader GX and WiiFlow as well.

Can read but not write, Wii will hardlock when the drive it written to (I tried 7 times total to download cover arts & update USB Loader GX; I was never able to complete either operation although each time a few cover arts were successfully written to the drive before the Wii hardlocked). Tested FAT32 & NTFS on 2 different Wii consoles. Played 2 games for 4 hours total to verify read stability. I successfully used a known working drive immediately before and after to eliminate the possibility of other things causing the problem.

Added info by a different user Aug 2012: All games show up in usb gx but I can only ever get 4 games to work, in Wii flow I can only ever see 4 games, even if there are supposed to be 10 games on it, same thing in cfg Usb loader.....any more than 4 games and it will just keep resetting back to wii menu after you select any game transferred to it after the first 4, I have tried many things, fat32, ntfs, wbfs drive, reformatting several times and still it will just not read more than 4 games, I know the games work fine as I just finished loading them, about 15 game onto a western digital my book essentials and they work perfectly, Don't buy this, works fine for pc/windows, but for the wii it has some serious issues, if anyone knows how to fix them please post.

New post - this is the same person posting that only 4 games work, after much more testing it seems as though the Wii will only recognize 8 gigs of the 64 gig thumb stick, which is why only 4 games usually work as the 4 games I was using added up to close to 8 gigs, I can use all 64 gigs on windows/pc just fine, the wii itself seems to only want to recognize 8 gigs, PLEASE post if anyone can confirm they can actually get the full 64 gigs to work with the Wii, as for now I would say avoid this thumbdrive until more people can confirm.

I had big problems - loading of games took very long - sometimes over 1min (black screen) - often it crashed at the end of game and not loaded the next screen - now I changed to my old 80GB ATA Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 9 (with ICY-Box) and it is works really great and fast !

EDIT AGAIN: Does not work with the suggested setup. Completely non-working on all loaders and with all cIOS revisions. EDIT: Confirmed doesn't work. EDIT: Works when using Hermes' cIOS 222/223, but not with Waninkoko's cIOS 249.

EDIT: Works with cIOS 249, created 2 partitions, both FAT 32. Formatted the first one twice in a row with ncWBFSTool and then I stopped having the "this is not a wii disc" error when loading games. ---- Had constant compatibility issues. Would not work at all with several loaders, attempted with several CIOS inc Hermes. Began working with USB Loader GX then ceased working with that too despite not making any changes. Tried non-partitioned/partitioned, recommended ideas etc. Gave up, bought Iomega 1TB Prestige Desktop Hard Drive USB 2.0 which works without any issues at all with all loaders. Wouldn't recommend this Lacie drive at all for use with Wii.

Only way I have managed to get this drive to work is using old r883.. Wont work with Uloader or CFG loader.Comment: No love either with FAT formatted drive and CFG Loader on Hermes cIOS 222 5.1, however FAT formatted drive and CFG Loader on Waninkoko cIOS 249 r20 does work. FAT formatted drive and WiiMC on IOS58 also works.

(another user wii v4.2 e hack sciifii v3 and pimp my ride v2.11) but just 1 usb loader working with this disk, its ""Configurable USB loader 60"" from Ogzzee ( few bugs with this loader but i think the nexts revisions will be better), and works just with 1 wbfs manager, ""wii backup manager"" - not working with another manager and another loader (i have format with usb loader 60)!

Tested and working, including writing and reading both ISO and wfbs games, with a standard NTFS windows filesystem format, using Configurable USB Loader. Must add "ntfs_write [equalsign] 1" to config.txt in the usb-loader directory.

Underblaze: I have the newer model of this Iomega 1TB Prestige Desktop Hard drive model "31871900" bought in amazon and it WORKS PERFECTLY with wiiflow, configurable usb loader, neogamma, usb LOADER GX and uloader, Cios rev20, didnt have the problem about bootup, fast HDD, Buy it

Purchased this drive after reading compatibility here & am VERY happy. Inexpensive & Works great! Backed-up 5 discs into drive in approx 25mins. Partitioned 500gbWBFS/500gbNTFS. No turn on order, works either way with ALL loaders. Also works perfectly with Mplayer for movies (added to WBFS partition with Wii Backup Manager). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Works perfectly with WiiFlow 1.1, Neogamma R7, System Menu 4.2u. Works right out of the box even though it is formated to NTFS it loads games at amazing speeds. Use WBFS Manager 3.0 and it will work perfectly. The good thing is, this hard drive turns OFF when your Wii turns OFF which is like the 2.5" Hard Drives. Really cheap, good quality, looks nice, highly recommended! SAMSUNG DRIVE INSIDE.

Mine is [ST310005FDB2E1-RK] and I split it into 2 partitions (FAT32 for game and NTFS for other stuff), works using cIOS 222/223 v4 and CFG Loader v48-fat without the power trick, Mplayer-CE 0.75 works with both partitions. I also partitioned into two equal drives like person before me, one NTFS and other WBFS. Loaded 59 games, no problem. didnt have to do any tricks, plug-in-play.

Difficulty with Configurable USB loader formatted FAT32 & NTFS, worked with Wiiflow though. Can be problematic. Must convert from gpt to primary mbr use a partition program to do So, you can then format to a wbfs file system.

HDD factory settings are no spindown - used WD program at top of article to verify. Set up first partition FAT32(64kb cluster) 80GB, second partition NTFS. WiiFlow 4.2 as loader of choice - emunand(for Wii/VC) and Gamecube(using Nintendont) on FAT32, Wii(installed to WBFS using WiiBackupManager) on NTFS partition.

Do not use the USB 3.0 version, this fails. It quickly becomes unstable, games freeze/crash, apps freeze/crash. I solved the problem by getting a supported drive, but I could not get the USB 3.0 version to work with Wii (this system seems to have the same internals as the USB 3.0 WD drive above based on labels and components).

Confirming this works on Wii -PS3 - Xbox - PC and Mac - I bought this to replace the STA2000100 (which I added here) - Every program works and reads the drive fine. The following programs were tested: USB loader GX, CFG USB Loader, Mplayer Wii Youtube (by Alien Mnd v0.01), WiiFlow, Neogamma, Mplayer CE, Mplayer, WiiMC

The following programs work: USB loader GX, CFG USB Loader, WiiMC, Mplayer Wii Youtube (by Alien Mnd v0.01) The following DO NOT work with this drive: WiiFlow, Neogamma, Mplayer CE, Mplayer, Tested with Both USB 2 & 3.0 bases, tried with FAT32 (*Highly suggest LOGICAL partition) & NTFS- No difference detected. Nothing crashed in 6 hours of use and various games with USB3SOME Seagate drives work perfect but NOT this one.

Formatted FAT32 with Wii backup manager. Tested with Wii Flow (4.1 -r436) and USB loader GX. Tried about 40 games with no problems at all.Tested as normal storage device on PS3 - works fine. This HD is claimed by Segate to work as a storage device for Wii U.The model being tested here, the STBV2000300 - is the Asian/Australian version and may be equivalent to the - STBV2000100 (Americas) and the - STBV2000200 (Europe, Middle East, Africa). 350c69d7ab


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