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Resident Evil 4 Movies Folder ((LINK)) Download !EXCLUSIVE!

Installing the HD ProjectInstalling The ENBto install this, download the HD Project file and wait till its done now open the ENB + Tweaks.rar and click the foldercustom HD Patch now drop all those files into the gameMatrixcn's 720p cutscenesto install this open Matrixcn's 720p cutscenes.rar and drop the movie folder into your game directory, replacing the 480p movies w/ 720p onesLeonXTo install the leonx mod, open the leonx.rar and drag the xfile into the game (the hd leon in the High-Res Characters will replace this though)High Resolution Characters this is complecated, you'll need to drop the xfile in to the game directory for some like usual modding, however some are just the mod files w/ no x file, drop the intothe xfile > em directoryHigh Def Gunsopen the file then drop the em, ogg and xfile into the game directory

Resident Evil 4 Movies Folder ((LINK)) Download




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