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HI: 24 THE SALT' LAKE TRIBUNE, SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 7, 1913. -Pi - :I Padditional sporting newsH BASEBALL LANGUAGEI IS PECULIAR L10fl Game Is Described in TermsHI Best Suited to Express-HI ing Thought.HH Baseball has its own language. Baso-HI ball experts, tho world over, have uHI "lingo" which often confuses a lny-HH man. Theso denizens of iho press box,HI the boys behind the screen, must needs"mis 'em upJ in getting before friendHH reader all the potent facts of yeetcr-H day 's contest. They bring into use cor-M Pnrass peculiar to the game inHj describing technically what happenedHQ on the greens.Hj Most of the red-blooded Tootera areHH Jerry to these phrases; others are sadlyHI at sea and seem to think the writoTSHI arc inflicting on them a cross betweenHfll Esperanto and Eskimo, which ia notHI the whole truth by several parasangs.Hll Just by way of setting the real factsHhI beforo'tboso baseball enthusiasts wholH find themselves mired while battlingHll with the vernacular a few commonplaceHJH terms that is commonplace among thoHJI plaj'era arc herewith apponded, withHjN sj'nonyms used by writers" who growHJli weary of using the time-honorod,HJU straightaway king's English.HJff Inning A round, period, Beadon,Hffj canto, frame, chapter.HJI Ball A pill, globule, horcehido,H II leather, spheroid, agate.n To hit tho ball Swat, clout, crown,HJli slam, wallop, drive, bang, knock,Hll thump, whack, larrup, pole, pool-off.119 Curvo the ball Hook, bend, slant,U sink, a twister, roundhouse.njM Underhand raise Business of deliv-n ering tho ball to batter by using aHj motion while arm is oporating at thofll pitcher's side.M Underhand Taiao ball Anothor moth-BK od of delivering the ball, starting thola swing of" the pitching arm in tho vicin-II ltv of the knee.If "Overhand pitching Tho act of start-11 ing the -delivery from a point aboveIf Spitball Elmor Strickland originatedxw this mode of twirling, by salivating thoI ball beforo pitching. Either sido-armWm or overhand mothod may bo used. Whenffig pitched properly tho ball takes peculiarMS and baffling jumps approaching thoH Knuckler Somo pitchers, notablyjMi Eddio Summers, Lew Kitchie and Eddiejjffl Cicotte, have achieved l'amo by twirl-l ing this sort of ball. Tho knucklesfiji of tho pitching hand aro used in grasp-is ing tho ball beforo delivery, and a be-t wildering curve of tho slow,- floatingype folJows. 'lj f Hook or fadeaway slide Base steal-1ore thoroughly schooled in the art ofrunning buses adopt this style. In approachmg tho base they aspiro to steal itho runners leap to one side, momentarily disconcerting the playor aboutto stab him with tho ball, and in falling, thrust one foot in hook manner toI one or tho other side of tho base.I To win To cop, frisk, grab, annex,I compile, register, nail, bag, land, saltD away, put on -ice, sting or maul who-K ever happens to bo the losing party.I To lose To tumble, skid. slip, take aH wallopiug. a drubbing, to bo man-I handled,' trampled, whaled, scuttlod,nosed out. sent to the cleaners, countodI out or laid on the cooling board.I Pep Displaying fiphtimr spirit, zest,1 determination." renewed life, to lceopI up an incessant firo of talk while onI Pitching box Rifle pit, firing line,B peak. slab, hill, knoll, knob, turret, rub-i ber or crest.I Any base Sack, corner, hassock, sta- 'tion, "precinct, or, in referring to eoc-H ond base, one might say tho half-wayI"U" FRESHMEN WINFROM GRANTSVILLESpecial to The Tribune.GRANTSVILLE. Dec. C The greatUnlversltv of Utah freshmen basketballfive defeated the Grantsvllle high schoolteam here this afternoon on tho highschool gymnasium floor, by tho score of59 to 11. The game was one-sided, asthe local boys could Jo nothing with theThe freshmen team sprang a great surprise by their good work. The local fiveexpected to whi this game, as they arean exceptionally strong five. Tho Utahforwards made several long shots fromtho middle of the floor. At the end oftho first half the score stood So to o Inthe freshmen's favor.The stars for the freshmen were VanPelt, Peterson and Simmons. On a tossuo near the Utah basket Parkinson hitUse hall Into the basket. Anderson andSolborg played well for tho locals.Last night the high school studentsheld a dance on the gymnasium floor inhonor of the vlBltors, This dance wasthe biggest yet held at the high school.The students are preparing to entertainin like manner every team that playshere. The lineup:Freshmen. Grantsvllle.Simmons If.. .. P. AndersonParkinson, Hammond. rf RydalchW, Johnson,Van Pelt c Solberg..Davis. Homnoy lg OlesenPeterson. ,...rg.. ..A. AndersonReferee Udy. Umpire Pratt.I MONROE FIVE BEATENBY RICHFIELD HIGHSpecial to The Tribune.P.ICHFIELD, Dec 6. The Richfieldhigh school basketball team defeated theMonroe high school, 27 to 1C. In the firstgame of the season. The game was fastand exciting. The local boys provedLetter at basket shooting.The lineup;Richfield. Monro.Ogllvle If AndersonMorrison rf. .Swain. MagelbyErlckson c B. BrownSP"1? rg M. Browncboker g LarsonField goals Ogllvie 3. Morrison 3.Erlckson 1, Nebcker 1, Foutz l. B. Brown1. M. Brown 1, Larson 1.Free throws Ogilvle, 9 out of IS BBrown, 8 out of 17.Referee Peterson. Umplro BeanI LLOYD THOMAS WINSSECOND IN FIVE-MILENEW YORK. Dec. 6 Lloyd Thomas ofSalt Lake City won second and PercyLawrence, Ean Francisco, fourth, In afive-mile professional bicycle race heretonight. The event was preliminary to aKlx-day event which starts at midnightSunday. Frank Kramer won thu sprintraceH. a part of the evening's programme.KEAB JUDGE RUTHEEFORD.TabprimHo Sunday, .'J o'clock. Free.HM ' (AdertIcmcni.JSheppard toLead Men inAthens MeetMEL SHEPPABD.TTETV YORK, Dec. 6. Tho Irish-American Athletic club has decidedto send at least ten men, headed by Melvln W. Sheppard, tho hero of BeveralOlympic aeries, to represent It In theAthenian Olymplo games to ba held InAthens during May of next year. Thisteam is expected to form tho nucleus ofa squad which will wear tho shield Incompetition ngalnst the picked men ofother nations.JEVNE WINS FROMGEORGE KIRKWOODStung- by his defeat at tho hands ofOwles tho night before, Lloyd Jevne uncoupled himself at Morloy's last evening and trimmed George Kirkwood ofSan Francisco to the tuno of fifty threecushion billiards to thlrty-flvo, says thoLos Angeles Times of Friday.When Jevne literally uncouples himself Morley's celling Is threatened withdisaster. Lloyd and his cuo could notsleep head to head on a ton-foot billiard tablo without both catching rheumatism in tho knees through exposurebeyond tho rails.Jevne explained to tho enthusiastscrowd why he had been world champion-,and he didn't do It with his mouth,but with his little stick. Eight pointsin six Innings, fifteen In fifteen turns,and twenty-six after twenty-five rounds,gave him a consistent average of morethan one.At this stage. Kirkwood, who hadbeaten Owlet?, who had beaten Jevne,waa credited with but eleven marks.Having shown what ho could do tothe man who heat tho man who beathlin. Jevne slacked up, but held fortytallies on tho fiftieth inning.Easy going thereafter nut him out Inthe eighty-seventh inning. Kirkwoodhad high-run honors with five points.The early part of tho game had been bofast that Referee Mlcnaeln tripped overhis tongue twlco in trying to keep count.ASKS FANS TO DONATELITTLE FOR SPENCERErven Jensen, widely known In thewest as a pitcher, Ih Interesting hlmBelfIn tho case of Bort Spencer, who Is laidup in tho hospital with a broken collarbone. Jensen has a flooring contract attho new high school, but ho Is taking afew days off to perform a little servicefor his Btrlckon friend,Jensen yesterday began the circulationof a subscription list for Spencer's benefit. Last night he had collected a largonumber of quarters ana halves. He willbo around to aeo the fans for a littledonation today and tomorrow. Hedoesn't ask for muoh from anyone but hewants. everybody to contribute a'mlto.Spencer has fallen upon evil days. After the season closed the great outfielderobtained employment on the Bingham &Oarfleld railroad as a brakoman. Ho hadworekd only a short time when he metwith an accident, as the result of whichhe has been confined to a hospital bedfor two months. Spencer has a worldof frlonds In Salt Lake, and when Jensenarrives with his paper there Is no question that they will give a little twirl forSpencer's wheel of fortune.Kinjr Cole as Come-back."King" Cole 1b going to try his hardestto stick in the big show next season.King says he never was meant for thominor league, and Is golncr to show folksthat he Is still there. Klner will havehis chance, as Manager Frank Chance isIn need of flrst-clas3 fllngcra.HEAE JUDGE ETJTHESFOED.Tabernacle Sunday, .'1 o'clock. Free.1 (Advertisement.)P1CET0! TO USEOPENM 1 1314Coaching Committee Fills Vacancies Due to Graduation;Ames Chairman.PRINCETON, N. J., Doc. 6.Princeton 's grarluato coaching committee met here today and Eoscoe P. MxClcavo, '03, who has boon chairman ofthe football committee during tho lasttwo BcasonB, and Phillip IT. Ging, '93,automatically severed their connectionfrom the committee. Tho other thrcomen, Knowlton Amos, '09; Donald G.Herring, '07, and Barcla3' H. Farr,'12, wcro ro-oloctod. to tho comraittooby tho board of athlotio control, andthey appointed Ames as chairman.Men to fill the two vacant positionswere agrood upon, but their names willnot bo announced before it i3 knownthat thoy will uccopt.Tho new membors selected will boadvocates of tho open gamo nnd thocommittee will employ this stylo ofplay moro orolusivoly nost season thanwas done this .year.Thoro will bo anothor mooting ofthe committee soon, whon it expects toannounce tho now coaches. It waslearned from good authority that Amesmay not act as head coach nest year,but tho committeo may select somoouu uJbo. xuo commiitoo, acting wnuthe cailtaiu of the team, has power toselect the field coaches who havo active charge of tho training. Thcso menwill not do selected until aftor thecommittee has been completed.Juarez Eosults.By International Now3 Service.First raco. five furlongs Bob Honsley,115 (Marco), 3 to 2, won; Superiority,105 (McDonald), 25 to 1, second; Baltimore, 105 (Noylon), S to 1. third. Time,1:00. Birka. Anglo D., Mary Plckford.Leford, May L., Bumps, Crusty and Gylflalso ran.Second race, six furlongs Tom Chapman, 107 (Woods), 7 to 2. won; No Quarter, 107 (Booker), 10 to 1, Becond; QuickTrip, 113 (O'Brien), 10 to 1, third. Time,1:13 i-o. Frazzle, Milt Jones, FrankWooden, Compton Garter, Bonton, SwiftSure. Garden of Allah, Jessamy and Chilton Trance also ran.Third race, mllo and a sixteenth Curlicue, 10S (Hill). to 1. won; LittleMarchmont, 116 (McCarthy), 10 to 5, second; Trojan Belle, 95 (McDonald), 6 tot, third. Time. 1H6 2-5. Lord Elam.Jim Cafterata, Robert and Topla'nd alsoran.Fourth race, five and a half furlongsPanzarola. 124 (Klrschbaum), oven, won;Floronco Roberts, 112 (McDonald), oven,second; Gold of Ophlr, 102 (Taylor), 0 to2, third. Time, 1:04 3-5. Manaaseh alsoran.Fifth race, six furlongE The Monlc, 112(Hill), 13 to 1, won; Byo White, 107(Claver). 9 to 2. second; Annual Interest.112 (O'Brien), 12 to I, third. Time, 1:121-5. Ormonde Cunningham, Stanley S.,Etholda, Forgo, Binocular, Kid Radford,Swede Sam, Emerald Islo and Commendation also ran.KlvtVl n(l nnn mils OwVfl.O.Q OT(Noylon), oven, won; Cubon. 105 (Guy).7 to 1, second: Melts, 10S (O'Brien), S to5, third. Time, 1:3S 4-5. Tahoo and Carlton Clu'b also ran.Juarez Entries for Sunday.First race, five furlongs Little Bit, 95;Janus, Brlghtstone, Martin Chavls. 110;Christmas Daisy, 115; Strike Out, Bashful Bettlo, Pretty Dale, 110; Bear Abboy, 113.Second race, ono mile Belle of BrynMawr, 05; Ursula Emma. 100; MaryEmily, 100; Ocean Queen, 107; MarioCoghlll, Chantlcler, 100; Buss. 105.Third race, five furlongs Ida Lavlnla,95; Little Jake, 110; Yono Von. Etholda,115; Hazel C, Rose of Jeddah, 110;Herpes, 115; Sir Alvescot. 115.Fourth race, five and a half furlongsMilton Roblee. 95; Bird Man, 103; Osaple,105; Blarney. 112; Emerald Gem, 115;Bign, 95; Red Path, 101; Manganese, 110;Edith W.. 112.Fifth raco, five furlongs Velle Forty,Parncll Girl, 110; Palatable, 113; Glmfl,115; Rosemary, 110; Moller, 113: MissSly. Buck Thomas, 116.Sixth race, seven furlongs Just Red,100; Foundation, 105; Irish Gentleman,108; Injury, 120; Bort Getty, 102; VestedRights, 105; Dorothy Dean, 101. (Injuryana Dorothy Dean coupled In Fuller entry.)Charleston Results.By International News Service.First race, five and a half furlongsHearthstone, 109 (Deronde), 18 to 5, won;Pikes Peak, 102 (Randolph), 15 to 1. second; Clem Beaehey. Ill (Doyle), 8 to1, third. Time. 1:09 1-5. Beversteln, Tolaon d'Or. Blitzen. Jr.. Holland, Austin,Sturtevant, Willis and Littlo Ep alsoran. 'Second raoe, five and a half furlongsBat Masterson, 105 (Doronde), 6 to 1,won; Flying Yankee, 111 (Rlghtmlre),8 to 1, second; Daddy Glp, 105 (J McTaggart), 5 to 3, third. Tlmo, 1-.0S 3-5,Silas Grump. Skoets, Mlra Belle. ElseJwhore. Anoon, Premier, Eaton, MamaJohnson and Incision also ran.Third race, five furlongs Brave Cunarder, 115 (Deronde), i to 5. won; MissGayle. 110 (Obert). 13 to 6, second; Dainty Mint, 105 (Martin), 50 to 1, third.Time, 1:01 8-6. Ivan Gardner, GoldenChimes, Brig's Brother and Harebell alsoran.Fourth raoe, one mile and a sixteenthRingllng, 105 (J. McTaggart), 8 to 1,won; John Furlong, 111 (Goose), 4 to 5,second; Carlton G.. 112 (Glass), 4 to 1.third. Time, 1:48 5-5. Q. M. Miller andLochlel also ran.Fifth race, one mile and twentv yardsCounterpart 105 (Keogh). 4 to o, won;Colonel Cook, 108 (J. McTaggart), 9 to5, second; Duquesno. Ill (Ward). 25 to1. third. Tlmo, 1:44 1-5. Napier, StarActress, Dangorous March and CrackerBox also ran.Blxth race, seven furlongs Elwah, 112(Doronde), 6 to 5, won; Toddling. 10S(Ward), 12 to 1, second: Chester Knim.116 (Connelly). 2 to 1, third. Time. 1:29:Earl of 6'avoy. Spindle, Judge Monck,Bernodotte and Gerrard also ran.RAILROAD BOWLERSBEAT OGDEN PACKERSThe O. S. L. bowling toam last nightdefeated tho Ogden Packing &. Provisionrollers two out of threo games on theDeseret gymnasium alloys. Three gameswill bo played In tho Desoret league thisweek Last night's score:OGDEN PACKING &. PROVISION CO.Bingham 133 119 139 391Conway 143 111 139 393Stewart 90 137 SO 317Mlckolsen 107 135 135 377Fltt 133 127 115 376Totals (50(5 C29 COS 1851O. P. L.Lambert 93 159" 114 3.5(5Vlarvey 125 1(52 12G 413.13! 153 112 401Allies mil 113 U5 334Watson ir,9 . mi no 0totals C3J 731 Coi IMGFUNERAL NOTICEYOUNG Thft funoral services ovor thebody of Brigham II. Young, aged Gyears, will be held Monday at 1 p. m.from tho Twelfth-Thirteenth wardchapel. Friends aro Invited to attondand the casket will bo opened at thochurch from 12:40 to 1 p. m. IntermentIn City cemetery.FUNERAL DIRECTORSEBER W. HALL, UNDERTAKER ANDombalmor, 164 So. West Temple. Phono505. d3S. D. EVANS, UNDERTAKER, EMbalmor. Mortuary chapel, 4S So, State.Automobile seryico If dcslrod, without additional ,cxpen3o. Was. S64. b218E G, O'DONNELL, UNDERTAKERand cmbalmer, has moved to new location, 225-227 South WeBt Tcmplo street.Realty bldg. Phone 5S0. o3399FLORISTSE. A. LAMBOURNE FLORAL CO., NO,3 South Main, with Wllloa-Horno DrugCo, Lending florists on funeral designs.Was. 374 and Wns. 291. hMOflALL KINDS CUT FLOWERS, FRESHfrom greenhouse. Porter-Walton Co.,274 State. ra3781Floral DecorationsWE SELL 01lRNTSSoiiaS8for parties, etc. 5G E. 4th South. Was.3G08-R. h3825CUT FLOWERSHUD DART FLORAL CO.. 62 SO. MAIN Istreet Phono 108. Cut flowers andfuneral designs. nl633THE LEADING FLORIST, W. W. KING,214 East 2nd South. Phone 37. r27MRS. E. J. SANDERS CHOICE, FLOWcrs and funeral designs. 4 W. Broad -way.Wasatch 2815. h2P75MONUMENTS, TOMBSTONESLAUGD STOCK TO SELECT FROM R.McKenzlo. Display yards. 422 S. State.LOST AND FOUNDLOST TWO FOX TERRIER PUPS,all white with black faces and bobtalis. Return to Mr. Kats, 59 W. 1st So.$5.00 reward. klOOLOST BETWEEN SEMLOH HOTELand Z. C. M. I. store, on First Southor Main street, Monday afternoon, alinen work bag containing stamped apron,thlmblo, finger shield, otc. Please roturn to Mrs. J. C. Wyatt, Hotel Scm-loh-k265LOST A TIIEAT UPSILON SORORITYpin, name and eJdrcss engraved onback. Return to 475 8th avc. Roward.k349LOST A DACHSHUND, BETWEEN12th So. and Waterloo; vory long body,long ears, very short legs. Was. C150,or Hy. 2726rW. Return to 135 E. 2nd So.Roward. 403LOST LADY'S DIAMOND RING,Thursday. Reward. A. M. M.. Tribuno. L08T A SMALL BROWN AND WHITEcow with halter on. Roward. PhoneWas. 1793-M. kC64RING. SET WITH CHIP DIAMONDSaround opal. Either in S. L. Knittingfactory store or on 8th South, hot. Mainand West Temple, Friday evoning. Return to 52 West Sth So. .Reward. kSSGLOST A SMALL FAN. LEAVE SAIEat No. 1 firo station and receive rerard. lc03GLOST $25.30, WRAPPED IN SMALL,yellow envelope, between 6th South and2nd and Utah Savings &


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